• 4 september 2014

    Capricious shoes inspires to produce unique products

    DAMAVIK presents a novelty of a season — «Paint foam for leatherette, smooth and patent leather». Being an expert in shoe care field, the company DAMAVIK paid attention to those capricious shoes from the point of caring about. For the last several years retail declares the increase in popularity of leatherette and patent leather among buyers. Naturally raised the question: «Which products to use for caring about the leather which doesn’t breathe? How to paint scratches on patent leather?».

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  • 7 august 2014

    20% Free!

    Good news for all fans of the brand DAMAVIK! The most popular products appeared now in economical packaging with +20% to volume. Color restorer spray DAMAVIK for suede, nubuck & velour (black) and universal waterproof spray for all kind of leather are available now in the new form, but at the regular price. You can find shoe-care products DAMAVIK in a new package in all sales places with our cosmetics.

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  • 5 may 2013

    DAMAVIK opens the summer season in Latvia

    From May 2013 the products of brand DAMAVIK can be purchased at major retail chains of Latvia — RIMI, MAXIMA, DROGAS. Having tested our shoe care products Latvian partners came to the conclusion that a great value of the quality of products and their prices will allow us to be demanded in Latvia market.

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  • 6 march 2013

    Supporting the traditions of shoe care

    For all those customers who prefer the traditional means for shoe care DAMAVIK proposes a protective cream in a can. New package completely repeats the design of traditional tin cans to which many people were used to since the days of childhood. The recipe of cream saved the classical formula for the care of all types of smooth leather. The cream provides protection as well as renews the color of shoes. In stock we propose traditional black color.

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  • 10 february 2013

    Why those people smile who got more?

    Every year DAMAVIK makes in shoe stores of our country a competition — «Who is the greatest?». During the action stores compete with each other for sales of shoe care products SALAMANDER, DAMAVIK, SILVER. In the end of a specified period our company identifies the winners and of course awards them with prizes. This year more than 100 shops of chains «Megatop», «Axis», «Belwest», «Marco» in different cities of Belarus took part in competition.

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