4 september 2014

Capricious shoes inspires to produce unique products

DAMAVIK presents a novelty of a season — «Paint foam for leatherette, smooth and patent leather». Being an expert in shoe care field, the company DAMAVIK paid attention to those capricious shoes from the point of caring about. For the last several years retail declares the increase in popularity of leatherette and patent leather among buyers. Naturally raised the question: «Which products to use for caring about the leather which doesn’t breathe? How to paint scratches on patent leather?».

The answer was found! New unique product which combines functions of cleaning & caring mean at the same time: restores color, paints shabby places and has waterproof effect. Producing this new product we took into consideration all the characteristics of these types of leather. Paint-foam is available in two color variants — black and neutral, which are suitable for bright and light products.

This novelty of a season has become a real decoration of the shoe care collection DAMAVIK.

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